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1.      12 Years a Slave [IMDB]  [WATCH]

2.      A Christmas Story [IMDB]  [WATCH]
3.      Aladdin [IMDB]  [WATCH]
4.      Anchorman [IMDB]  [WATCH]
5.      Argo [IMDB]  [WATCH]
6.      Atlantis [IMDB]  [WATCH]
7.      Back to the Future [IMDB]  [WATCH]
8.      Batman Begins [IMDB]  [WATCH]
9.      Black Swan [IMDB]  [WATCH]
10.    Blades of Glory [IMDB]  [WATCH]
11.    Bridesmaids [IMDB]  [WATCH]
12.    Brokeback Mountain [IMDB]  [WATCH]

13.   Captain America [IMDB]  [WATCH]

14.   Captain Phillips [IMDB]  [WATCH]
15.   Cloud Atlas [IMDB]  [WATCH]
16.   Cool Runnings [IMDB]  [WATCH]
17.   Crazy Stupid Love [IMDB]  [WATCH]
18.   Despicable Me [IMDB]  [WATCH]
19.   Django Unchained [IMDB]  [WATCH]
20.   Elf [IMDB]  [WATCH]
21.   Elysium [IMDB]  [WATCH]
22.   Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone) [IMDB]  [WATCH]
23.   Ferris Bueller’s Day Off [IMDB]  [WATCH]
24.   Fight Club [IMDB]  [WATCH]
25.   Finding Nemo [IMDB]  [WATCH]
26.   Forrest Gump [IMDB]  [WATCH]
27.   Frozen [IMDB]  [WATCH]
28.   Good Will Hunting  [IMDB]  [WATCH]
29.   Gravity [IMDB]  [WATCH]
30.   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [IMDB]  [WATCH]
31.   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One [IMDB]  [WATCH]
32.   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two [IMDB]  [WATCH]
33.   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [IMDB]  [WATCH]
34.   Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince [IMDB]  [WATCH]
35.   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [IMDB]  [WATCH]
36.   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [IMDB]  [WATCH]
37.   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  [IMDB]  [WATCH]
38.   Inception [IMDB]  [WATCH]
39.   Into the Wild [IMDB]  [WATCH]
40.   Iron Man [IMDB]  [WATCH]
41.   It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [IMDB]  [WATCH]
42.   Kill Your Darlings  [IMDB]  [WATCH]
43.   Les Miserables [IMDB]  [WATCH]
44.   Lilo and Stitch [IMDB]  [WATCH]
45.   Little Miss Sunshine [IMDB]  [WATCH]
46.   Lone Survivor [IMDB]  [WATCH]
47.   Mean Girls [IMDB]  [WATCH]
48.   Memoirs of a Geisha [IMDB]  [WATCH]
49.   Midnight in Paris [IMDB]  [WATCH]
50.   Miracle [IMDB]  [WATCH]
51.   Monsters, Inc [IMDB]  [WATCH]
52.   Monty Python and the Holy Grail [IMDB]  [WATCH]
53.   Mrs. Doubtfire [IMDB]  [WATCH]
54.   Mysterious Skin [IMDB]  [WATCH]
55.   Pacific Rim [IMDB]  [WATCH]
56.   Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides [IMDB]  [WATCH]
57.   Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End [IMDB]  [WATCH]
58.   Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest [IMDB]  [WATCH]
59.   Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl [IMDB]  [WATCH]
60.   Prince of Egypt [IMDB]  [WATCH]
61.   Ratatouille  [IMDB]  [WATCH]
62.   Rise of the Guardians [IMDB]  [WATCH]
63.   School of Rock [IMDB]  [WATCH]
64.   She’s the Man [IMDB]  [WATCH]
65.   Shutter Island [IMDB]  [WATCH]
66.   Star Trek [IMDB]  [WATCH]
67.   Star Trek: Into Darkness [IMDB]  [WATCH]
68.   Tangled [IMDB]  [WATCH]
69.   The Avengers [IMDB]  [WATCH]
70.   The Blind Side [IMDB]  [WATCH]
71.   The Bling Ring [IMDB]  [WATCH]
72.   The Book Thief [IMDB]  [WATCH]
73.   The Breakfast Club [IMDB]  [WATCH]
74.   The Dark Knight [IMDB]  [WATCH]
75.   The Dark Knight Rises [IMDB]  [WATCH]
76.   The Departed [IMDB]  [WATCH]
77.   The Emperor’s New Groove [IMDB]  [WATCH]
78.   The Great Gatsby [IMDB]  [WATCH]
79.   The Hangover [IMDB]  [WATCH]
80.   The Heat [IMDB]  [WATCH]
81.   The Help [IMDB]  [WATCH]
82.  The Hobbit [IMDB]  [WATCH]

83.   The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [IMDB]  [WATCH]
84.   The Hunger Games [IMDB]  [WATCH]
85.   The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [IMDB]  [WATCH]
86.   The Incredibles [IMDB]  [WATCH]
87.   The King’s Speech [IMDB]  [WATCH]
88.   The Prestige [IMDB]  [WATCH]
89.   The Road to El Dorado [IMDB]  [WATCH]
90.   The Truman Show [IMDB]  [WATCH]
91.   The Wolf of Wallstreet [IMDB]  [WATCH]
92.   Thor [IMDB]  [WATCH]
93.   Thor 2 [IMDB]  [WATCH]
94.   Toy Story [IMDB]  [WATCH]
95.   Toy Story 2 [IMDB]  [WATCH]
96.   Toy Story 3 [IMDB]  [WATCH]
97.   Up [IMDB]  [WATCH]
98.   V for Vendetta [IMDB]  [WATCH]
99.   War Horse [IMDB]  [WATCH]
100. We’re the Millers [IMDB]  [WATCH]

101. White Chicks [IMDB]  [WATCH]

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